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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2007
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Fo Guo (a talented monk) leaves the temple and travels around; he meets a mysterious lady named Zhen. After returning to the temple, he is promoted to be the chief monk, but his chest starts to ache and he sees Zhen becoming his fellow apprentice. What will Fo Guo do? 悟性過人的佛果下山雲遊,遇上女子秦幻真。他破了慧南禪師的黃龍三關,返回寺中繼續修行,升為首座。回來以後,他的胸口時常會有刺痛的感覺。有一天,他的師父突然破例收了女徒弟──秦幻真!佛果終日心神不定,入了魔境。他要尋找幻真,其它人卻感到莫名其妙。這一切原來是虛幻,是佛果的妄念作祟……
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