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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2007
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The relationship within Chan's family has never been good, and it gets even worse after grandma passed away. The youngest brother intends to bring her ashes to Australia. While packing grandma's belongings, mother finds that grandma did whatever she could to tie the family together. Can this love still have an impact on Chan's family? 陳家各人營營役役,彼此關係疏離。祖母去世後,家人之間的矛盾逐漸浮現,幼弟決意帶走祖母骨灰回澳洲。母親整理奶奶遺物時,發現種種事物,無不是維繫著家人的生活而發生的;母親追蹤事物的線索,發現奶奶關懷家人的愛,無遠弗屆。祖母的愛能繼續為陳家發揮作用嗎?
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