RTHK TV Programme Commissioning 2007 [Selected Film for Short Dramatic Film]香港電台電視節目外判計劃 2007 「精選影片」
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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2007
00:31:0000:31:00  |  Movies劇情片

The head of the village finds Feng guilty and requests him to pay for Liu's medical expenses. Liu goes to Feng's house to collect the money but is bitten by a dog, which is found dead afterwards. Liu becomes the prime suspect. When Liu gets drunk, he gets a chance to revive his reputation as he sees the same dog. Only if he can catch it... 劉二水作弄馮貴,馮貴憤而擊傷了他。村長裁決,馮貴賠償醫藥費給二水。賠款當日,二人陰差陽錯,沒有碰面,二水郤走到馮貴家索償,給馮貴的狗(灰灰)咬傷。灰灰給人殺害,二水否認行凶。村人認定二水說謊,最後他眾叛親離。一晚,二水借酒消愁時,迷迷糊糊間看見灰灰,他決意追捕灰灰,還自己一個清白之身……
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