XXVII International VGIK Student Festival 2007 [Finalist], RTHK TV Programme Commissioning 2007 [Selected Film for Animation Category]第二十七屆莫斯科電影學院國際學生電影獎 2007「入圍作品」, 香港電台電視節目外判計劃 2007 「精選動畫影片」
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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2007
00:09:0000:09:00  |  Animations動畫

Catherine (a doll) has always been self-conscious about her outlook and thus avoids other dolls. Todd (a frog) makes Catherine go out and know several crickets. She has a happy day. Later, they go to watch the crickets' concert, but one of the crickets is sick. Catherine is pushed to sing. Can she handle this situation? 自卑的木偶凱瑟琳自覺樣子醜陋,不願跟其他洋娃娃一起玩樂。有一天,青蛙陶德強行拉她外出遊玩,她認識了蟋蟀合唱團,度過了快樂的一天。晚上,陶德跟她觀看合唱團演唱會,但可惜其中一隻蟋蟀生病了不能演出。陶德請凱瑟琳幫忙,她婉拒了,但後來卻被推了出去唱歌。凱瑟琳能應付這樣的場面嗎?
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