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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2007
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A boy drops his coin when he is buying potato chips. The coin keeps rolling until it stops in front of a toy shop. The boy decides to give up potato chips and save up for the super hero figure. Finally, he has enough savings, and he takes the money to the toy shop. On the way, he sees his friend choking. In order to save his friend... 小男孩購買薯片之際,不慎將硬幣掉了。硬幣一直滾動到玩具店,他看見了喜愛的超人玩偶。為了購買玩偶,小男孩決定抵抗薯片的誘惑,每天都把零用錢儲起來。終於,他攜著滿滿的撲滿往玩具店,預備購買心愛玩偶。路途中遇上友人胖子,胖子不小心把薯片噎在喉嚨,小男孩為了救他......
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