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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2006
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Eye Hunters are a race of people having supernatural powers to discern the messages of death. Hana, an Eye Hunter, wants to find out the cause of her sister's death before she loses her power on her coming birthday. She discovers that her sister's boss is also an Eye Hunter. Does he connect with the death of her sister? 曈之獵人是二千年前在亞洲大陸誕生的種族,他們是烏鴉的後裔,擁有洞悉死亡信息的能力。漢納是瞳之獵人,但於廿七歲生日時將會變作普通人。她的姊姊雖然終生擁有超能力,在一年前竟自殺身亡。姊姊之死,漢納耿耿於懷,要在生日前找到真相。原來漢納的上司林博士也是瞳之獵人,究竟他與姊姊之死有沒有關連呢?
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