The 14th Beijing Student Film and Video Festival [Best Director Award], The 2nd InDPanda International Film Festival 2006 [Closing Film]第十四屆北京大學生電影節短片大賽 2007「最佳導演」, 第二屆 InDPanda 國際短片節 2006 [閉幕電影]
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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2006
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12 years ago, a plague spread across a city. This city was then divided into two parts: the poor area in the south and the downtown area in the north. Now, the plague is back. Little Ming meets a lady, who inserts an electric chip into his neck. The lady controls Ming's body and reveals the secrets of his grandfather... 十二年前,大瘟疫過後,城市一分為二:貧民窟;商業區與政府機關組成的市中心。地下道連結兩個區域,地面上為瘟疫亡魂安身之地。現在,瘟疫有死灰復燃的跡象。貧民窟裡,爺爺以賣包為生,與孫兒和仔相依為命。和仔結識一位姐姐,她在政府總部負責監察衛生問題。閒談時,她把晶片拍入和仔的脖子內,控制他的一舉一動,從而揭開爺爺的秘密……
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