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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2009
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Before undergoing an abortion, Han tidies up her grandfather's home, since he is moving to an old people's home soon. However, her grandfather firmly refuses to throw away an old fridge. He insists that it is a time machine. Han's dad and grandmother were not dead but simply took this machine and travelled away. Is this true? 快要進行墮胎手術的小寒重臨外公的家,幫助母親收拾外公的東西,可是外公拒絕丟掉一台舊的電冰箱,他視電冰箱為時光機,還說要把它修理好。外公對小寒說,她已過身的外婆及父親,也是憑著時光機去到另一個時空。究竟這台電冰箱,是真的能讓人穿梭時空、還是讓人逃避現在及將來呢?
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