The 16th Beijing Student Film Festival 2009 [Best Script Award for Short Dramatic Film]第十六屆北京大學生電影節 2009「短片大賽最佳劇情片獎」
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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2008
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Lao Si and Wang Faye meet at work on Christmas day. Lao Si was a seaman. He lost his son after he was imprisoned for manslaughter. Wang Fay is a young person whose obsession with music is not accepted by his father. Through chatting, they take comfort from the words of each other. 聖誕節那天,釋囚老四和少年王菲同在公園為安全套公司派發贈品,以賺取微薄收入。老四以前是船員,因誤殺同工而被判入獄,從此與兒子失散;王菲是一個熱愛音樂的年輕人,但他的父親視之為不務正業,因此他經常有家不歸。一個希望尋回兒子,一個渴望父親認同,對二人來說,對方可能是最了解自己的傾訴對象。
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