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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2008
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Ting is seriously ill, so her elder brother (Dong) enters a medical school, hoping to help his sister. Dong's girlfriend comes from a rich family; her parents do not support their relationship. Right after Dong finds out the remedy, he dies. His girlfriend takes care of Ting, and she is going to ask her parents to support Ting's medical fee... 陳雨婷病魔纏身,哥哥國棟為治癒她的病,選擇攻讀醫科。大學裡,他與富家女李馨墮入愛河。有一天,雨婷的病情突然惡化,李馨立刻跟隨國棟回家跑一趟。他為了找出病因,於是出國學習先進的醫療技術。李馨照顧他的家人而休學,以致她與父母的關係破裂。國棟找到治療妹妹的方法,卻賠了性命。手術費用高昂,李馨只好硬著頭皮向父母借款……
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