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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2008
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Hussain and Ali are two Pakistan brothers living in Hong Kong. They live in poverty and face racial discrimination every day. One day they are caught pick-pocketing. The police insult them and force them to sign a statement in Chinese, which they do not understand. Being pushed too hard, these two boys... 哈辛與阿里兩兄弟都是巴基斯坦裔香港人。在教育及生活上,二人經常遭受他人欺凌和排擠。他們家境貧困,渴望擁有電視遊戲機,於是在列車車廂內偷取錢包。兩兄弟於街上遊蕩,因藏有他人的身份證,被帶返警署。警察盤問他們,侮辱他們,強迫他們在看不懂的中文口供紙上簽名認罪。二人孤立無援,終於......
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