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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2009
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After divorcing her abusive husband, Ping becomes overly protective towards her son. Her son gets more and more uncooperative and self-centered. Once, a man scolds her son on the bus for his misbehavior and blames Ping. In fact this man has his own problems. 萍遭丈夫虐打而離婚,獨力撫養兒子黎奕忠,對他百般遷就。奕忠在公車上搗蛋,乘客強痛斥他沒有家教,萍深感難過。奕忠在學校操場拾到扭計骰,據為己有。萍勸他立刻回校交給老師,他不聽勸告,不斷奔跑而險生意外,萍只好作罷。強坐在床上,百無聊賴,玩著扭計骰,想起兒子李嘉豪,嘉豪缺乏管教而多次犯事......
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