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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2009
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Yip and Law are a pair of cohabiting couples. Yip is a novelist, and she teaches Law how to create and write fictional characters. One day, a heroine (created by Law) appears in real life, and her presence damages the relationship between Yip and Law. Yip decides to burn the manuscripts, since... 女作家葉雲與羅老師是同居情侶。葉雲教導他如何創造人物的形象,羅老師可以寫自己喜歡類型的女孩。小說的女主角竟然真實地出現在眼前,闖進他的生活之中,令他不能自拔。二人的感情受損,葉雲決定燒毀一切稿件之前,告訴羅老師在書桌的抽屜裡可以找出真相......
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