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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2009
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In primary school, her insistence on certain English pronunciations distressed her teacher and herself. In secondary school, she was fond of a mathematical equation and believed that it could solve all scientific questions. Now, she gets pregnant, but she is dumped. A suicide plan appears in her dream, but can it help her? 她用十五分鐘時間,講述她從少到大的成長故事。小學生的她,講英語時咬文嚼字,受到老師質疑,使她非常懊惱;中學生的她,沉醉於一條數學方程式,以為萬事萬物代入其中,難題便會迎刃而解;成長後的她,遭男友狠心拋棄,成為未婚媽媽!渴望死亡的她,夢中看見自己向自己推薦自殺計劃......
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