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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2009
00:32:0000:32:00  |  Documentaries紀錄片

To pursue his dream of becoming a movie star, Shi Jiaqiang leaves the Inner Mongolia and comes to Beijing. He believes he has great talent and lots of personality to be an actor, so he waits outside the Beijing Film Studio every day for job opportunities. Despite using up all his money, he still insists to wait day after day. 二十來歲的史佳強從家鄉內蒙古來到北京追尋自己的影視夢,他自許有當演員的天分與氣質,每天都在北京電影製片廠門前碰運氣,希望遇上工作機會,可惜事與願違。儘管山窮水盡,即使露宿街頭,史佳強仍未放棄他的夢想,一天又一天的等,等待一個演出機會、一個改變命運的機會!
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