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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2009
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The business is not good, so the old hatter runs a sale. Still, he has no customers. He feels mad, especially when he thinks of the good time in the past. He angrily throws a hat out of the window. Next day, he discovers that the hat has become a nest, so he comes up with a new idea... 帽子商店生意淡薄,老帽商只好推出大減價活動(由二折至五折),可惜仍無人問津。門內鈴聲突然響起,帶來老帽商一絲希望,可惜那只不過是風吹,或是鳥兒碰觸。他曾經風光一時,現在卻坐困愁城,一氣之下把帽子扔出窗外洩憤。翌日,老帽商發現帽子竟變作鳥巢,他於是想到了新的點子......
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