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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2009
00:33:0000:33:00  |  Movies劇情片

Xiao Ping, a young Shenzhen migrant worker who lives with his sister and brother-in-law. He also works as a hawker. One day, he meets a blonde in a robbery and falls in love with her. What will this relationship bring Ping? 年輕的深圳勞工小平寄居在姐姐和姐夫家中,他並沒有自己的空間,也沒有歸屬感。閒時,他也會在天橋上經營小買賣以賺取多一點金錢。有一天,後巷發生失竊事件,他遇上了一名神秘的金髮女郎,並與她發展了一段男女關係,小平以為愛情來了。究竟這段關係為小平帶來甚麼呢?
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