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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2007
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TT is diagnosed with "television paranoia". Kay (a psychiatrist) follows TT to a factory and finds that a security guard is watching the Pre-Dead Channel with TT's television. This channel solely reports bad news. Kay breaks the television, but it restores itself! Kay finally manages to call the police, but... 心理醫生Kay發現病人TT患上電視妄想症。一日,Kay追尋TT到達廢料工場,工場看更正觀看TT搬去的電視,電視在播放Pre-Dead Channel,該頻道不斷廣播負面消息。Kay在忍無可忍之下把電視打破,她滿以為告一段落,奈何電視如魔物般回復原貌!Kay終能報警,但是......
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