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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2007
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A father puts a mask on his baby boy. When the boy grows up, he finds himself being controlled by the mask. The mask changes his goal from a circus acrobat to a "successful" man. He tries every means to get rid of the mask. He finally succeeds, but he then realizes that... 男子抱著嬰孩到商店購買面具,為嬰孩戴上。日月如梭,他長大讀書。老師以「我的理想」為題目,男孩在家裡思考自己的理想。他希望在馬戲團工作,卻遭受面具的影響,想做事業有成之人。他受到面具的控制,不由自主。男孩心有不甘,欲脫下它,想像自己真正面目。他使用不同的方法,終於脫下面具,歡欣若狂,但是他發現......
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