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Blog: It isn't just a Diary.

Blog is becoming a popular platform for writers to share and communicate with friends and readers. In recent years, many political blogs have been developed in the U.S., while in Hong Kong most blogs take the form of personal diary. There are also some professional blogs with different themes, allowing readers to enrich their knowledge.
這齣紀錄片以 BLOG 為題材。它是網上的發表平台,是與朋友或讀者溝通、分享的工具。博客在世界各地發展十分迅速,內容主要是生活瑣事和感想。近年,美國湧現不少政治型博客,海峽兩岸則發展出不同主題的族群,如:談論時事、談論電影等。香港大多數是個人日記,亦開始出現專業網誌,它擴闊讀者的知識領域。
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