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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2010
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After entering the university, two young lovers have to cope with a new environment and mode of learning. Although they study at the same university, their majors are different. They spend less time together. The university life also enables them to meet many new friends. Can they maintain their relationship? 剛上大學的阿輝與阿思是情侶,面對新的學習環境和模式,兩人以往的生活習慣已無聲無息地轉變。儘管讀同一所大學,但因念不同學系,兩人未能如從前般朝夕相見。大學生活,促使輝與思接觸更多異性朋友,也促使彼此間思想距離越拉越遠。究竟他們能否逃過分開的命運呢?
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