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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2008
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Yuen thinks that she cannot change the dreadful reality, so she immerses herself in the Internet. A murderer believes that he is "righteous," so he tries to change the world by killing bad people. One day, the killer gets a time machine, and he plans to use it to save the world. But this machine... 沅是隱蔽青年,終日沉迷上網。她無法改變殘酷的現實,因而不敢面對它。殺手覺得自己是替天行道,憑著「真理」去殺死壞人,改變世界。後來,殺手拾得時間倒數器,他本以為可以籍此儀器拯救世界。但是,原來時間倒數至零時,整個世界就會變得......
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