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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2008
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Tak is going to enter a video production contest, with the support of his three best friends. After Kitty rejects to be the main actress, his friends start to quarrel. Tak's mother shares that people who work hard for their ambitions should be supported and respected. Tak finally decides to rewrite the script... 小德打算參加短片創作比賽,其三個好朋友都支持他,小德父母亦購買手提攝錄機鼓勵兒子。小德欲邀請邨花基蒂任主角,遭到拒絕,其朋友開始因主角人選而爭執。德母認為:追求理想的人應該得到支持,勇於實踐理想的人更加應該得到尊重。小德決定改寫劇本......
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