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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2008
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A boy tells his friends that he is going to quit school. Some of them think that it is a good idea and even suggest him to take advantage of other people. After dropping out of the school, the boy has no job and wanders around. In a subway, he sees a man playing guitar with passion. This makes him rethink... 女孩告訴男孩,她朋友生活得如何美滿,他嗤之以鼻。男孩的朋友蜥蜴男,滿腦鬼主意,常揚言賺到大錢,卻向男孩借錢。蜥蜴男知道男孩要退學,還鼓勵他胡混工作度日,即使失業,也可討好有錢女人圖利。男孩在鐵路上遇見結他手,聽他娓娓道來的歌聲,對照自己的人生路向......
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