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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2010
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Cheng's family is a model family in many people's eyes, but is it true? Mr. Cheng is a successful businessman, but he was responsible for the death of his previous girlfriend. Mrs. Cheng always feels empty, so she engages in ethnic activities. Their son, a university student, has a subtle relationship with a lady. Everyone in this family leads a conflicting life. 鄭斌事業有成,與莎莎結婚多年並育有一子。這個表面上的模範家庭,各人卻有不同的秘密。兒子在大學修讀電影,與一女子發生曖昧關係,最終分手收場;妻子生活空虛,以參加民族會活動為樂,忽略公司業務;鄭斌對兒子憶述自己的年青往事,辜負青梅竹馬的女友紅紅,迫使她跳樓自殺身亡。
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