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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  1997
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A man takes a final look at his house before he moves away. Graffiti on walls, fading photographs, the old telephone set, and mooncake coupons…; they bring back lots of childhood memories. He shares his stories during the Sino-Japanese War and his schooldays. Now, it is time for him to say goodbye to his house. 男子搬遷前,環視屋內的舊物,回憶過去的趣事與軼事。牆壁上的塗鴉,勾起男子年幼時的回憶,他談及兒時玩物及於戰爭期間全家人逃難的情形。中日戰爭結束後,男子踏入校園,雖然可以與好友玩耍,但他卻顧此失彼,成績差劣需要轉到新學校重讀。每當他掛念舊朋友時,總會吹口琴解思念。最後,男子回到現實,搬離家園。
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