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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  1997
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During the Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages, a mythical hero was created out of the ancient Greek mural paintings and pillars of rock. The golden haired, handsome warrior has angel-wings and a strong body. Devoid of fear he sacrificed himself. How did he end with having his heart pierced through by a sword? You are to explore this legendary journey. 中世紀基督十字軍時代,創造者在古代希臘文化與文明壁畫石柱之中創造了一位勇者。勇者擁有金色的頭髮、俊俏的臉孔、強健的體態;四肢如野獸般強壯,又能長出天使般的翅膀。勇者無懼,但最終他是光榮聖戰者還是壯烈犧牲品,利劍穿心結局原因何在?邀請你一起來探索這個中世紀聖戰之旅。
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