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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2000
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On the stroke of midnight, four racing cars and a truck speed along the road towards "the end of the world". They move so quickly as if they are having a race. On the other hand, a yellow car appears relaxed and strolls down the street in the morning ... 夜闌人靜,四輛跑車及重型貨車奔馳在馬路上。紅色跑車在起跑時表現得有點猶豫,好像志不在比賽。途中他遇見停泊在路旁的粉紅色跑車,停下來欲與她搭訕。搭訕不果,他隨即急起直追,引擎不斷加快,在比賽中爭先恐後,一直駛到世界的盡頭。另一方面,一輛黃色的轎車卻在清晨時分悠然自得地漫步於街上……
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