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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2001
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A man plans to cook his rabbit. The cookbook suggests that rabbits in ten pounds are best for cooking, but his rabbit is only eight pounds. He keeps feeding the rabbit, which is gaining weight. But the rabbit makes the scale not accurate. Then, he suddenly realizes that the book actually says that ... 簡陋的房子裡,兔子在籠中呼呼大睡。男子閱讀有關兔肉製法的書籍,書中記載烤兔肉以十磅重的兔子較為合適。籠中的兔子只有八磅重,男子為了增加兔子的重量,不斷從電冰箱取出食物餵養牠。兔子的體重不斷增加,但牠用計令磅秤的指針停留在八磅的位置。男子後來才發現自己看漏了書中一段重要的文字……
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