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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2001
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A composer has just finished "The Dark Greek Symphony", which conjures up the scene of thousands of soldiers marching in thunder and lightning. But he soon feels disappointed, since no operas are willing to accept his masterpiece. Whether his music is too profound to be accepted or it is simply unfashionable? 作曲家嘔心瀝血地創作音樂:《黑暗之希臘交響曲》旋律洶湧澎湃,既似雷聲轟鳴,電光閃動;也像千軍萬馬,氣勢如虹。作曲家前往歌劇院,把他的精心傑作交給經理鑒賞,經理神色凝重,作曲家不禁雙眉緊蹙。經理再三思量,拒絕了他的作品。作曲家往其他歌劇院去,處處碰壁,非常沮喪。究竟是他的作品曲高和寡,還是不合潮流呢?
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