The First University Student Film and TV Award in the Greater China Region 2002 [The Best Creative Award]第一屆華語大學生影視作品展2002「最佳創意獎」
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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2002
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A boy grabs a toy drum from other children and uses it to cheer up a baby. Suddenly, some monsters appear. Everyone in the village is running for life. While escaping, the mother drops the drum, so the baby keeps crying loudly. To keep the noise down, the mother covers the baby's mouth. When the monsters are gone, the baby ... 在村裡,黃衣小孩趁著老婆婆睡覺,搶去藍衣小孩的手搖鼓。老婆婆無力追趕,他輕鬆地跑回家。黃衣小孩搖動手搖鼓,逗得手抱的嬰兒很開心。村裡忽然出現一群怪物,村民紛紛逃離家園。白衣女子抱著嬰兒逃難,途中丟掉手搖鼓,嬰兒大哭。村民逃入山洞,她捂住嬰兒的嘴巴,避免哭聲引來怪物。危機終於過去,可惜……
APA: CHUNG, Wai YuCHUNG, Wai Yu. (2002). Don't Cry OnDon't Cry On. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:
MLA: CHUNG, Wai YuCHUNG, Wai Yu. "Don't Cry OnDon't Cry On". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2002. Web. 19 Jul. 2024. <>.

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