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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2002
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For a long time, people believe that their wish can come true if it is made before a meteor. But, in fact, the meteors were able to help only 35 people in the last one thousand years. One day, a black orphan tells the meteors that she wishes to have a family. The meteors are moved and decide to help ... 自古人們都以為向流星許願便能願望成真。但事實上,在過往一千年來,流星只成功為三十五人達成願望。正當流星們感到失落之際,一名黑人女孤兒向他們許願:她希望有一個家。流星對她感到非常同情,決定前往地球助她一把。他們鼓勵女孩參加歌唱比賽,但女孩缺乏自信,總以為自己低人一等,流星用盡各種方法提高她的自信心,最後……
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