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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2003
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A puppet was fired by the circus, and he is upset. His friends encourage him to enter a contest. If he wins, the blue fairy will realize his wish. However, his performance is not appreciated by the audience. Later, inspired by another performer, the puppet comes up with new ideas, and he practices every day. Will he succeed? 在萬花盛放的森林裡,小木偶結交了兩位精靈(花精芍芍與樹精彤彤)。他失意於馬戲團,盼望重操故業。她們建議小木偶參加精靈大會,若他能勝出比賽,藍仙子將會達成他的心願。小木偶的表演乏善可陳,遭到圍觀者冷嘲熱諷。後來,小木偶得到某位表演者的啟發,不斷創新,不斷練習。最後,他能否贏得觀眾的掌聲呢?
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