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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2004
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Viola is confident on her way to a violin competition. Her mood changes after seeing a black cat. The cat reminds her of a previous accident, where her parents were killed. Viola cannot perform well in the competition. She loses all her confidence and even gives up her violin practice. Later, a wheelchair lady encourages her ... 維奧拉參加小提琴比賽充滿信心;可是,她在途中遇上黑貓,這令她信心動搖。原來當年黑貓突然跳出來,造成交通意外,令她失去雙親。比賽期間,維奧拉受當年之事纏擾而表演失準。她信心盡失,放棄再彈奏小提琴。數月後,坐輪椅的女子來探訪她,告訴她過去的經歷。她以自己的情況,鼓勵維奧拉振作……
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