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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2004
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A man and his father live together, but their relationship is distant. The man wants to express his love for his father, but is afraid of rejection. Sitting on the sofa together one day, the man finally has the courage to say what is in his heart. To his joy, his father returns his feelings. 男人心中一直有個無底洞,他一直希望擁有父親的愛,但心裡總在害怕會被嚴厲的父親拒絕。他與父親的關係日漸疏離,男人的心更是長出一條刺來。父親對愛亦是羞於啟齒,同一屋簷下,兩人的關係是這麼近,那麼遠。當一天他們同坐沙發上再次沈默的時候,男人鼓起了勇氣,說出心底話,父親給予的那溫暖的擁抱,融化了男人心中的刺。
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