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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2005
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Butterflies cannot remember they were once caterpillars... A little butterfly has only one wing, so she wears a fake wing everyday to pretend she is normal. One day, the sudden appearance of a caterpillar causes panic among butterflies, and her fake wing falls off. At the same time, some people pop in ... 當毛蟲變成蝴蝶後,它們會忘記自己曾經是一條毛蟲……一隻缺少了半邊翅膀的小蝴蝶,每天都要戴上假翅膀,裝成一隻正常的蝴蝶;她常常都遇見同一條毛蟲。一天,在餐廳裡,因為毛蟲的出現引起了一片慌亂,小蝴蝶的假翅膀亦掉下來。當小蝴蝶醒來,她發現她的蝴蝶朋友都一隻一隻被人捉去,但因小蝴蝶只得半邊翅膀,她能僥倖留下。此時,毛蟲忽然出現……
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