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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2005
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When Tommy was a child, his grandfather advised him to always stay optimistic. However, after he has grown up, he suffers defeat repeatedly in film competitions. On his way to apply for a job at a film company he turns back for fear of failing again. Then he meets a depressed girl and helps her by giving her his grandfather's advice ... 兩爺孫騎著腳踏車,穿越幾乎光禿的樹林。湯米不小心跌下來,祖父教導他讓自己快樂的方法。多年以來,湯米在比賽中屢戰屢敗。今次的參賽成績,他又落選了,不禁潸然淚下。他騎腳踏車,欲往電影公司去應徵當導演,卻又害怕失敗而折返。回家途中,湯米看見失落的小女孩,以祖父的方法教導她……
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