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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2007
00:01:0000:01:00  |  Advertising廣告策略

In this 20-second advertisement for the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, two women are shown helping their children try on clothes. However, one is revealed to only have a child-sized mannequin. The message is for women who want to experience motherhood to start trying for a baby well before their fertility begins to decline. 這是家計會一段有關生育計劃的短片,呼籲婦女勿錯過生育的理想期。兩位母親在服裝店內為女兒精心打扮;一位母親開心地為親生女兒穿上新衣,另一位母親卻在為洋娃娃穿上新裝。
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