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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2007
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As a new staff, Zoe humbly asks for the guidance from other colleagues. Her colleagues pretend to be helpful when the boss is around, but in fact they are very incorporative. One day, the boss announces that he will give out a $5000 productivity bonus, so everybody works very hard. In the end, Zoe gets the bonus since ... Zoe新入職,謙虛地請同事們指教;各人在老闆面前裝得很殷勤,背後卻不肯教導Zoe,還冷嘲熱諷她做事太進取,博取表現。一天,老闆表示今年將會派發5000元的勤工獎,各同事立刻幹勁十足,期望得到獎金。勤工獎派發那天,大家滿心期待,最後卻由Zoe取得,原來……
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