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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2007
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Someone falls down from a tree and bleeds heavily. A man sees the accident but does not help the casualty. The man then goes to a laundry and meets himself from the past. The six-year old himself says that adults did a lot of bad things and "polluted" the world ... The man is under the tree again ... 有人從樹上掉下來,血流如注。男子經過他的身旁,不但沒有伸出援手,反而用腳踢他。男子拿著衣服往洗衣店去,然後乘坐升降機,竟有一段神奇的經歷。他遇上來自過去時空的自己。六歲的他指出:成人幹了不少壞事而「污染」地球,這令世界變得灰暗。他希望回復到從前。男子在樹下出現,重遇那個受傷的人……
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