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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2008
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During the Cultural Revolution, Gouzi wants to be part of the Red Guards. One day he discovers a forbidden work of art under a bed. He rushes out to give it to some passing Red Guards, and proudly receives an armband from them. But his joy turns to despair as ...
APA: FENG, ZhenzhenFENG, Zhenzhen. (2008). 身,生身,生. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010268
MLA: FENG, ZhenzhenFENG, Zhenzhen. "身,生身,生". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2008. Web. 23 Jul. 2024. <https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010268>.

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