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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2008
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The inner selves of the black man and the white man are fragile. Whenever they meet, confrontations come along even though they do not intend to. One day, they find out that they can be friends if they are less defensive. However, they suddenly remember their previous quarrels and pains ... 黑色人與白色人相遇,縱然彼此的內心都渴望與對方接觸,但他們卻不能自主地彼此鬥爭,使對方傷痕累累。黑色人與白色人內心脆弱孤單。偶然間,他們隔著一塊厚實的牆,感受到對方的呼應,因為彼此看不見對方,他們都放下防範快樂地交往。突然,他們回想起過往的鬥爭及傷痕……
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