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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2008
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Mr. Chan's father suffers from dementia, and he forgets many things, even the identity of his own son. When his father goes missing, Mr. Chan goes to search for him. While in a playground, he recalls his childhood and his father's love. He realizes that he himself has forgotten how good his father was ... 電話鈴聲響起,陳先生聽到父親走失的消息,立刻到處尋找。前塵往事,陳先生湧上心頭。自從他的父親患了腦退化症,很多東西都記不起來,既忘了東西放在那兒,又忘了吃藥,甚至忘了自己的兒子。陳先生看見遊樂場,憶起童年往事和父親的愛。他自我反省,發覺自己也忘記父親以前對待他有多好……
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