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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2008
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A man likes the girlfriend of his best friend, but he never expresses himself. Once, he incidentally finds a locked box of his divorced mother. There are many old letters and photos inside. His mother is still upset about a previous relationship. Through the story of his mother, this man learns to let things go ... 單親家庭成長的阿雲,對女孩珊珊甚在意。阿雲在零晨聽到母親啜泣,卻不敢問個究竟。學校裡,好友道出欲與珊珊分手,被珊珊聽到了,阿雲卻只能在她身旁默默站著給予支持。阿雲在家清潔時,發現母親衣櫥裡的一個帶鎖木匣子,匣子裡有舊信件及相片,阿雲突然醒覺事情不能強求。母親與珊珊都因想不開,傷害了自己……
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