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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2009
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Cathy is driven to the playground by her father to play hide-and-seek. But everything changes when her father bumps into Patrick. Patrick offers her father a lucrative contract, but he will have to work long hours and have no time for his daughter. What will be his final decision? 男子駕駛汽車,帶女兒凱西往遊樂場,玩捉迷藏。凱西覺得彩色氣球很美,男子答應給她一個。他想捉住氣球,不小心撞倒帕特里克,發覺眼前景物竟轉變了。帕特里克利誘他簽工作合約;簽了合約後,男子可以賺得很多財富及擁有名貴房車;但同時他需要長時間工作,再沒有剩餘時間陪伴女兒。男子有點心動,他會如何選擇呢?
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