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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2009
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Via a flash of light, a man is taken to Xi'an, where he meets an aged person and two young people. They call him "the seeker" and ask him to find an ancient seal, hoping to save the historical heritage of Xi'an. After going through many dangers, the man finally comes to a cave where the ancient seal is found ... 英迪夜中驚醒,忽然地被白光帶到西安,他被女孩小雪帶到老先生面前。老先生道出歷史遺跡受到威脅,需要英迪以使者身份解開「遠古封印」,以回復它們的生命。英迪踏上尋找三件古物之旅,一路以護身符引路及保護自己。途中被神秘組織追殺,後更發現老先生的助手天華有非分之想,英迪與他對決。之後,英迪與小雪抵達地洞,欲解開「封印」……
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