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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2011
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Hung originally lives in the Tang dynasty. Her spirit is accidently transferred to the 21st century after committing suicide. Suet is very scared when she first meets Hung's spirit, but later they become friends. A mysterious man tells Hung that Suet is indeed her afterlife, and the existence of Hung will deteriorate Suet's health. For the sake of Suet, Hung has to… 唐朝女子紅楹得知情郎將要與他人成親,於是服毒殉情。她的靈魂被吸進時空漩渦,來到廿一世紀,巧遇學生阿雪。鬼魂突然現身,阿雪顯得驚惶失措。相處之後,她倆漸漸建立起感情。自從紅楹出現,阿雪的身體愈來愈虛弱。神秘男子銀白告訴紅楹,阿雪是她的轉世。假如紅楹不肯投胎,便會魂飛魄散,阿雪也會消失。為了阿雪,紅楹只好……
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