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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2011
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Hong Kong is over! Ah Luk curses. No one knows whether it is a forecast or a fact. Sheung Sheung is a romanticist. She is happy but also frustrated at her life. Life is not always easy, so how do these two sisters withstand? The answer lies in somewhere between rightfulness and abasement. 「香港已經玩完!」阿綠這樣詛咒著,是預言?還是現實?當希望失手,跑出來的自我仍有殺傷力。雙雙,一個浪漫主義者生活在極其不穩定的當下,快樂卻苦惱,每天都在不安的空氣中,誠惶誠恐。兩姊妹永遠有一肚子的正義與自卑,這是她們應付世界最有力的武器。
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