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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2011
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Cheung is a young police officer, but he is not very responsible. His girlfriend is not loyal to him, and she tries to take advantage of her boss, Liu, who smuggles wood in an attempt to make money for her. When Cheung is going to arrest Liu, he finds that his colleague was bribed. What will happen next? 年輕公安張志鋒認為錢可通神,終日不務正業,想搞生意賺錢。李夢琪對男友志鋒的感情忽冷忽熱,與公司少東劉宇卻有曖昧關係。她打算利用劉宇來籌錢開髮廊,劉宇為討紅顏歡心,不惜走私木材套利。在偶然的機會下,志鋒得知此事。無論在公在私,他與同事要在走私當晚逮捕劉宇。同事原來早已收受賄賂……
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