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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2011
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Yuen and Yuet, two sisters, once felt in love with the same guy, who eventually married Yuen. This incident influences their relationship. Also, as an adopted child, Yuet thinks that her mother does not like her. Their mother dies suddenly. What does her death bring to these two sisters? 袁圓和袁月回老家向母親祝壽。兩姐妹年輕時都愛上林劍鋒。後來,劍鋒與袁圓結婚,因而導致兩姐妹之間產生了嫌隙。原來袁月是養女,認為母親只疼惜親生女兒袁圓。母親突然與世長辭,這件事會為兩姐妹帶來怎樣的變化呢?
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